Know about the eminent legal practitioner Sir Ram Jethmalani!

Ram Jethmalani

Ram Jethmalani is the name of a famous legal practitioner, born in Sindh and later came to India after partition. Whenever in our houses, any discussion related to legal field comes up, the first name in the mouth of our guardians is Ram Jethmalani. We are taught that if u want to be a lawyer, then Jethmalani should be your idol. He is never frightened and ready to take up any case that comes to him.

Even at the age of 92, he has the same enthusiasm in dealing with cases like a 20 year old lawyer. He has a unique style of arguing before the courts. His personality is such that it commands respect and attention. He carries few pages where he jot down points to be argued on. He never gets nervous and try to make clear to the judges all the points that he wanted to make. At the same time, he does not let down the interests of the judges in the case. If he sees that the judges are not convince by his points, he will try to put the same in a different manner. His voice is so clear and loud that everyone in the courtroom can hear his voice. He will not use complicated legal words to explain his position but he will keep his presentation as simple as possible. He will not indulge in quarrels or heated arguments with another lawyer. If it happens, he will lighten up the moment by a joke.

Ram Jethmalani has appeared for many high profile cases which have proven as turning points in the legal history of India. The famous case of K M Nanavati in the year 1959 where exceptions related to murder were laid down, he appeared on behalf of the victim. He appeared for Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh, who were convicted for the Indira Gandhi assassination. He also appeared as the defence lawyer in the Harshad Mehta scam case related to stock market. Everyone knows about the Havala scam where LK Advani was alleged to be one of the convict. Jethmalani was the one who rescued him from being convicted. He also appeared for Manu Sharma, who was the convict in the Jessica Lall Murder case. He argued for chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha, in the disproportionate assets case. He defended former Chief Minister of Karnataka, B S Yeddyuruppa, in the illegal mining case. Jethmalani appeared for Amit Shah, the current BJP secretary, in the fake encounters case. Last but not the least he is appearing on behalf of Arvind Kejriwal in the defamation case.

He is a lawyer cum an efficient politician. He was a member of Rajya Sabha as well. He was in news because of his controversial statements. Many people named him as the lawyer of corrupt people and the convicts. But he has his choice to fight case on behalf of either of the parties in one case. No one should have a preconceived notion about him through the cases argued by him. He has fought many cases free of cost. Though cost of his single appearance in the court is quite high, but his efficiency in arguing the cases must not be ignored. Once he stated that though he is at the age of 92, he will not die unless he gets justice to the party.


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