Know what is content marketing and its importance for you!

what is content marketing

So, what is content marketing?

In layman terms, content marketing is using valuable information for the purpose of marketing. In this information age, with everything available on the internet, valuable information plays a vital role in creating and maintaining a brand’s image. Be it top level multinational corporations or the new era startups, everybody needs to reach and engage with their target user groups to get the conversation going. Content marketing helps in that.

Which types of content can you write?

  • Blogs/articles
  • Social media posts
  • Ebooks
  • Email newsletters
  • Infographics
  • And much more…

So what makes a content valuable?

  1. Authentic and well-researched content
  2. Content which adds to the knowledge of the reader
  3. Content which adds to the happiness of the user
  4. Content which is creative

How do we ensure that the content is the ‘quality content’?

  1. Understand the buyer persona of the target user.
  2. Understand what your target user is looking for?
  3. Understand the three stages your target user might be into: – Awareness, consideration, and decision.
  4. Do a thorough research on the topic.
  5. Write it in very easy and highly readable language.
  6. Simplify the complexity if any.
  7. Add humor if your topic allows.
  8. Quote facts related to the topic.
  9. Write detailed, concrete and authentic information. The problem is real so should be the solution.
  10. If it’s a blog or any article, make it user friendly. User friendliness matters more than SEO friendliness.

How to distribute the content once it’s written?

  1. Use social media networks like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, google plus, Instagram etc.
  2. Optimize it for readers and search engines so that the traffic comes to the blog organically.
  3. Send email newsletters to your subscribers or mailing lists.
  4. Use images/gifs/memes to engage the audiences on social media
  5. Tweet using your personal handle
  6. Share the content in the relevant groups

Content marketing is very important for maintaining the personal brand as well as the brand of the organization you represent. The only key is sharing valuable information. Traditional marketing methods sell the product whereas content marketing sells the idea of the product.

Hope you understood what is content marketing. Soon we will be sharing advanced tips on marketing different types of products and services. Also, we will be sharing the tips and tricks of content marketing. Subscribe to our newsletter for the updates.



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