What is Self Image / Inner Image? Tips for positive Self image!

Positive self image

Self Image is the personal view we have of ourselves. It’s what we feel and perceive our self portrait. Our self image is developed from our learning and our experiences. We are all conditioned by previous experiences, circumstances, situations, parents, peers, friends, relatives in short by the society. Based on this we develop either a positive or a negative self – image.

With a positive self image, we own our assets and potentials while being realistic about our limitations and liabilities. A negative self image focuses on our faults and weaknesses, failures and imperfections.

Self Image is important because how we think about ourselves directly affects how we respond to life. A positive self image affects our physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual well being. A healthy self image starts with learning to accept and love ourselves. It also means being accepted and loved by others.

Tips for Positive Self Image:

  • Learn to Love yourself
  • Learn to laugh and smile
  • Remember that you are UNIQUE
  • Develop your strengths
  • Give positive affirmations
  • Set realistic and measurable goals
  • Stop comparing yourself to others

Your Self Image and Self Esteem are linked; if you have a negative self image you will probably have low self esteem, and if you have a good self image you will probably have a high self-esteem.

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