What is Image Management?

What is Image Management-

What is Image Management? This is one question I get when I meet people from various professional backgrounds. Image Management industry has been booming in India over past few years, but if you ask a common man, it’s still a mystery world. I have been part of the Image Management industry for past 3 years doing open workshops, trainings, individual consultation and lot of activities through which I try to promote Image Management. Let’s understand further the role of Image Management in today’s world.

When we say Image Management, firstly we need to know what an Image is. Image in terms of an individual is a physical representation of who you and what you are all about- your attitudes, appearance and actions. Every individual produces an Image, consciously or unconsciously. So what is Image Management?

Image Management is the Art and Science of projecting an appropriate and powerful image consistently. Image Management can be very closely associated with your First Impression. Your first impressions are formed within seconds. While the science of First Impression teaches you the Elements that bring about success, it’s the Art of First Impressions that allows you to put them in use in a way that brings you success in reality.

Image Management is all about developing your inner strengths and at the same time reflect them on the outside through appearance. Image Management is the only science and art which combines both the spectrum of success. So if you apply yourself both to the Science and Art, you create positive first impressions whether in a crowd or alone, from campus placements to walk-in interviews to social or family gatherings.

what is image managementCreating a powerful first impression is essential to get more opportunities in life. We all carry certain skills, ability and experience but the people we meet often judge us by our appearance.

Communication has three components: Visual, verbal and vocal.

image management- communication aspectsNon Verbal communication or Visual communication has 55% of importance. If you add other elements of visual communication such as Clothing, Grooming, etiquette and other elements of body language in addition to the facial expressions, it creates an impact of almost 83% on others.

Appearance consisting of clothing, grooming and body language including etiquette, if managed well, creates the desired visual communication.

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